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Avalon is at the forefront of this domain working very closely with leading OEM’s and rail operators across the globe on developing the next generation of Rail technologies. Our products are present in applications ranging from Signalling Systems, Rolling Stock, Braking Systems, On-Board Communications & Control Systems, Traction Controls, Rail Event Recorders, Pantographs and HVAC Systems. We enable global companies to achieve a competitive advantage in cost optimization and accelerated time to market, be it for Urban Metro Rail solutions or the long haul mainline rail systems around the world.


Avalon’s fastest growing segments are Sheet Metal Fabrication, Machining and Plastics related to Aerospace. Avalon has a strong presence in Aircraft Seating, Lighting, Cabin Interiors, Cargo, Sensors & Integrated Systems, In-Flight Entertainment systems, Auxiliary Power Equipment and Engine parts to mention a few. We work with leading Tier 1 OEM’s of the world and have formed strategic long term partnerships with key customers, as a supplier of choice for Sheet Metal Fabrications in particular. Several active civil aircraft platforms have some product or the other that stemmed from Avalon. Our metal division is an AS9100 rev D company and we are NADCAP certified for Fusion and Resistance welding.

Power & Energy

Avalon provides design and manufacturing solutions to leading companies in Solar, Wind, Fuel Cells, Battery Systems and other clean technology industries. Specifically, we have two decades of experience in manufacturing of Solar Modules, Hybrid Power Systems and Inverters. Avalon customers in the power spectrum range from leaders in Power Generation, Power Transmission & Distribution, Power Storage and Power Conditioning systems. We constantly strive to optimize development costs and eliminate execution risks while getting products to market faster.


The rate of technology advancements is creating pressure across the communications ecosystem to dramatically reduce development cycle times and price points. Avalon has been providing our partners in the Telecommunications industry with uncompromising service that enable cost effective scaling and consistently delivers best in class execution. With over 25 years of experience with a broad range of communication & networking products, Avalon provides you with Integrated Design, Technology and a global supply chain solution. Avalon has expertise with products including Network Routers, Switches, Communication Systems, Base Station Antenna Systems, Digital Projection Systems and ATM Machines. All of which are done without losing sight of rigorous performance standards based around total cost, quality, reliability and delivery.


Avalon manufactures a broad range of laboratory and point-of-use blood diagnostics, molecular diagnostics, X-ray/Imaging systems, blood separation and handling equipment. At Avalon, our engineering and manufacturing teams have worked on a variety of medical devices and equipment that include Digital Radiography Systems, Ultrasound Equipment, Patient Monitoring Devices, Life Support Systems for operating theatres among others.


Avalon manufactures a variety of products for the world’s most recognized automotive OEMs, as well as Tier 1, Aftermarket suppliers and contract design partners. With a wealth of experience in Electronic Control Units and Telematics Solutions amongst other applications, we keep our customers on top in the ever evolving automotive market. With a strong background in power electronics, various new programs are now active in the emerging e-mobility technologies. Customers across the globe have benefited from our in-house vertically integrated manufacturing solutions.


Industrial product design and digital technologies expertise provide us with a unique edge in comprehensive knowledge of machinery and its complex connected environments. Our knowledge of manufacturing solutions, combined with industry-leading technology and innovations in industrial process automation, offer an effective approach for tailoring reliable solutions. We specialize in design for manufacturing (DFM) optimization, helping customers increase market share and improve time-to-market.

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